VAFMusic is very easy to use. Find below the instructions for the use of VAFMusic Different Functionalities of VAFMusic:

• Explore

Here you will find the different genres of music, different artists & songs. Once you choose any option you will find all the information of that song or artist on the right side. You will be able to download the song or else add it to your “My Songs” list. You will also be able to listen to the song and use the player controls which are very simple and easy, they are, play stop forward and rewind.

• My songs

This is a play list where the user can go adding all its’ favorite songs.

• Search

With this option the user will be able to find anything it is looking for. All the user has to do is put in the word which does reference to what it is looking for and it will receive results related to the word the user put in the search box.

• Player Controls

Simple controls in order to play, stop, forward and rewind any song which is being played.

• Volume

User can increase or decrease the volume of the song which is being played

• Advance music

User can forward or rewind the song at the moment it is being played.